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Acorn Poisoning - Are Acorns Poisonous To Horses?
Treatment and Symptoms of Acorn Poisoning in Horses

Acorn Poisoning Causes Death of over 30 Ponies
Report on the Deaths of over 30 ponies in the New Forest Hampshire

Anaemia in Horses - Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Angleberry : An old term used to describe a Papilloma

Arthritis Supplements for Horses- Advice on Choice and Feeding
Advice on how Equine Feed Supplements help a horse with Arthritis. Equine joint supplements containing glucosamine, omega 3 and Chondrotin have been shown to help arthritic joints.

Azoturia in Horses - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Bog Spavin - What causes bog spavins in horses and how to treat them

Bone Spavin in the Horse - Definition, Treatment

Buying a Horse with Sarcoids - Advice about the problems that you may get if you decide to buy a horse that has one or more sarcoids

Capped Hocks - Causes, Treatment in Horses and Pony

Choke - Causes and Treatment of Choke in Horses - an obstruction of the oesophagus of a horse.

Colic in Horses, Symptoms, Causes, Veterinary Treatment
Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of colic or abdominal pain in a horse or pony

Colic - Types of Colic Impaction, blockage, twisted gut, spasmodic, enteritis, colitis. How to care for a horse or pony with colic

Contracted Tendons in Foals - Causes and Treatment

Cracked Heels - Causes, treatment and prevention of Cracked Heels in horses

Cushings Disease - Definition and clinical symptoms of Equine Cushings Disease - an abnormality of the endocrine, or hormonal system of a horse or pony. Advice on how to treat this condition which produces a shaggy coat

Dehydraton in Horses, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Causes of dehydration in a horse or pony, How to treat, and recognise the symptoms of a dehydrated horse

Equine Body Work - More than just Massage for Horses

Equine Dentistry
The importance of dental care for horses and ponies. Regular professional dental care and equine dentistry is essential to a horse or pony's overall health and well-being.

Equine Dentistry 2 - Why You Should Look After Horse's Teeth
Taking care of a horse's teeth with regular checkups from a horse dentist or vet

Equine Kissing Spines - Symptoms and Treatment

Equine Melanoma, Cause and Treatment in horses

Equine Strangles - Symptoms of Infection in Horse or Pony

Equine Sweat Bumps, Homeopathic Remedy and Treatment for Horses
Advice on how treat the hard lumps known as equine sweat bumps homeopathically

Glucosamine supplements, Help for Stiff Horse Joints
Advice on benefits of feeding glucosamine to a lame horse Horse or Pony

Hoof and feet ailments and injuries Causes, symptoms and treatment of common hoof and foot problems in horses - Bruised Soles, Thrush, Seedy Toe, Laminitis etc

How to control Bots in horses - Removing Bot Fly eggs

Laminitis in Horses
Advice and information on treating Laminitis in Horses and ponies. Find the definition and causes of chronic equine laminitis - this painful condition is also known as founder.

Loose Stools What Causes Diarrhea in a Horse or Pony

Equine magnetic therapy for treatment of injuries in horses

McTimoney Chiropractic Manipulation
Benefits of McTimoney Chiropractic Manipulation Treatment for Horses - a holistic non-invasive treatment which uses rapid movements with the hands to adjust specific points on the horse's skeleton

Monitoring a Horse's Heart rate - A fitness guide

Mud Fever in Horses - Treatment, Causes, Diagnosis Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Mud Fever in horses and ponies also known as Greasy Heel, Grease, Scratches, Rain Rot, Mud Rash or Dermatophilosis - an equine skin infection

Nosebleeds in a Horse or Pony - Causes and treatment

Pedal Ostitis Lameness cause by inflammation of the pedal bone

Respiratory Problems in Horses - Different types of, causes and veterinary Treatment

Redworms in Horses - Symptoms, Treatment, Control

Sarcoids in Horses & Ponies - a Type of Equine Skin Cancer
Definition and treatment of Sarcoid - a benign form of equine skin cancer in horses

Shoulder Lameness - Learn about recognising Shoulder Lameness in a horse. Advice about how to test a horse or pony for lameness in the shoulder

Sidebone - A calcification, ossification or bony deposits in the lateral cartilage of a horse's foot. Sidebone seldom causes lameness in a horse unless there are complications.

Sticky Stifle - Cause, diagnosis and treatment of upward fixation of the patella

Sweet Itch - How to treat sweet itch in horses - This is an  skin condition which causes a horse or pony intense irritation, especially during Summer Months

Thrush in horses - causes, symptoms and treatment

Treatment for Horse with Filled Legs - Alternative Remedies

Treatment of injury and infection in a horse or pony's eye
Advice about treating injury, wounds, disease and infection in a horse or pony's eye. With information on conjuctivitis, tumours, entropion, blocked tear ducts and paralysis of the eyelid

Turmeric Supplements for Horses. Advice about the benefits of feeding turmeric as an anti-inflammatory

White Line Disease in Horses
Advice about treatment, causes and prevention of White line disease - a fungal infection of the horse's hoof which results in a breakdown of the wall of the hoof

Windgall - swelling in a horse's fetlock joint

Worming Your Horse - Avoid Resistance to Equine Wormers
Avoid Resistance to Equine Wormers by using a worming program that includes worm egg counts and pasture management.

Worming Myths - the truth behind worming urban myths

Weak Hoof - How to treat brittle cracked hooves

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