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Age of a Horse - How to determine a Horse's age by examining its Teeth

Aubiose Bedding - Information about using Aubiose as a dust free bedding for stabled horses

Care of a Racehorse - role of stablehand, groom, trainer, vet on a racing yard

Choosing bedding for a stabled horse - Advice about options of choosing shavings, straw, rubber matting, shredded paper, aubiose, cardboard etc

Crib-biting and windsucking in horses
How to cope with crib-biting and windsucking - stable vices where the horse or pony windsucks and swallows or gulps air, sometimes grabbing onto a stable door, manger or fence with their teeth.

Horse Hoof Care - Avoid Splits, Cracks and Thrush in your Horse's Hooves

How to Clean a Horse's Sheath - Gelding or Stallion
Advice about Cleaning a Horse's Sheath, which washing solutions to use and avoid when to ask your vet to use a sedative

How to Design an Effective Horse Worming Program
Advice about designing an effective equine worming programme for your horse or pony. Create an individual process which depends on the specific needs of your horse and his stable management

Ragwort poisoning - one of the most common causes of plant poisoning in equines, destroying the liver. Young horses and ponies are most at risk.

Veteran Horses - Advice on care of a senior horse

What is the Best Companion Animal for a Horse?
Advice about choosing a companion for a horse or pony. Horses need company, animals that may be suitable include miniature horses, alapaca, goat, llama, sheep.

Why a horse gets a cold back, treatment, how to cope

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