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Australian Cheeker Noseband - Advice on Benefits and Use
Advice about using an Australian Cheeker Noseband on a bridle - often used to stop racehorses getting their tongue over the bit and control horses that pull hard.

Bit Fitting - How to correctly fit a snaffle or pelham bit on a Horse or Pony - adjusting the bridle

Correct turnout for Mountain and Moorland Showing Classes
Advice about the correct way for a rider or handler to dress for Mountain and Moorland Ridden or in hand Showing Classes for a horse or pony

Computerised Saddle Fitting

Curb Bit - Advice about fitting a curb bit on a Horse's double bridle. The correct way to do up a curb chain

Eggbutt Snaffle Bits - A guide to the different types of Eggbutt Snaffle bridles

Grakle Noseband - How a Mexican Grackle Bridle works to control a horse or pony.

Hackamore - Advice about English Bitless Bridle
Advice about how to fit and use a hackamore or bitless bridle

Kimblewick Bit
How to fit and use different types of kimberwick or Kimblewick bit on a horse or pony

Lungeing Cavesson - Using a Cavesson to Lunge a Horse
Advice about buying and using a lunge cavesson on a horse or pony

Pad Saddles for Small Ponies
Advice about Felt Pad Saddles for riding ponies. A useful saddle for small children

Pelham Bits - advice about fitting and using on horses
Advice about how to fit and use different types of pelham bit on a horse or pony. Vulcanite, mullen mouth, jointed, and french link pelham bits

Running Martingale, How to Fit, When to use on a Horse

Second Hand Saddles - Buying Guide and Advice
Guide to buying a second hand saddle for your horse or pony.

Standing Martingales
How to choose, use and fit a Standing Martingale on a Horse or Pony

Sweet Iron Bits - Encourage a Soft Mouth in Horses
using a sweet iron bit to encourage salivation in a horse or pony mouth Waterford Snaffle Bit
Description and Advice on the use of a Waterford Snaffle Bit mouthpiece on a horse or pony.

Kent Tacks Shops, Equestrian Stores, Saddlery Retailers
Tack Shops, Equestrian Stores, Saddlery in Kent, Selling Riding Clothes, Saddles, Bridles, Grooming Kits, Riding Hats, Body Protectors etc

Essex Equestrian Stores, Saddlery Retailers and Tack Shops

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