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Ayurveda for a Horse with Arthritis - Information about the benefits of using Ayurvedic herbal emedies for horses suffering with Arthritis

Ayurveda - The Doshas Description of the three doshas, Kapha, Pitta and Vata

Calming an excitable horse with herbal remedies

Chaste Berry, Agnus Castus Supplements - Help for Moody Mares

Clivers - A herb to help reduce swelling in legs of Stabled Horses

Devil's Claw - A natural herbal anti-inflammatory and analgesic for horses and ponies. Useful in providing pain relief to competition and sports horses and reducing inflammation in equine joints. Advice about feeding Devil's Claw to horses.

Garlic for Horses - An equine feed supplement contains substances which are pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic and reduce swelling.

Herbal Supplements for Horses on Box Rest - Advice about the benefits of giving calming herbal supplements and remedies to a horse or pony on Box Rest

Herbal Supplements For Veteran Horses
Advice about herbal supplements for veteran horses. Feeding herbs is a good way of giving an old horse or pony some help to keep healthy in old age. Herbs can be added fresh or dried to the feed

Turmeric Supplements for Horses

Using Herbs and Herbal Remedies for Healthy Hooves
Advice about Herbs for Horse and Pony Hoof Problems - Using Herbal Remedies to maintain Healthy Hooves

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