Should You Buy a Horse or Pony with Sarcoids?

photo of a sarcoid on the sheath of a horseYou may have just found your perfect horse or pony - but there is just one problem the horse has sarcoids - should you buy it?

Before you decide to buy a horse or pony that has one or more sarcoids, which are now considered by many vets as a form of equine skin cancer, there are several things that you should consider:

  1. Sarcoids in horses and ponies are unpredictable:
    A single sarcoid could remain unchanged for the whole life of the horse or pony. Alternatively the sarcoid may become aggressive, multiply and spread to areas which will interfere with tack and rugs.
  2. If a sarcoid is growing in an area where the horse's saddle, bridle, headcollar or rugs will rub and damage them, then it is probable that this will cause problems and you will not be able to ride your new horse or pony.
  3. If veterinary treatment for sarcoids becomes necessary, it could be expensive, may not be successful and you will still have to pay to keep a horse that you cannot ride.
  4. Equine sarcoids can be very difficult to remove completely sucessfully and often return even after surgery.
  5. Sarcoids are unsightly and if you want to show your horse this may affect its chances in showing classes.
  6. Some equine insurance companies will not cover paying for treatment for sarcoids in horses that were present before the insurance policy cover started and an exclusion clause may be included in your insurance policy.


If in the future you decide to sell your horse you may not find it easy to sell a horse that has sarcoids for all the reasons listed above.

Even if you are happy to take the risk of buying a horse with sarcoids other prospective buyers might not.

If you can manage to find a buyer they may not be prepared to pay full price for a horse with a sarcoid. Sarcoids can greatly reduce the value of a horse.

Should you buy a horse or pony with sarcoids - sarcoids can cause many problems make it unrideable and make a horse difficult to sell. Advice about Reasons not to buy a horse or pony that has sarcoids.