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Arthritis Supplements for Horses - Advice on Choice and Feeding
Advice on choosing Horse Feed Supplements to add to the diet of a horse with Arthritis.

Benefits of B Vitamin Supplements for Horses explained

Benefits of soaking hay - hay is soaked to reduce the dust in a horse's environment. Dust and spores in the stable can cause and worsen equine respiratory problems and diseases in horses and ponies.

Biotin for horses - advice for healthy hoof growth
Biotin is a popular equine feed supplement that is often recommended by farriers as a way to improve the quality of the horse's hoof

Choosing a Feed Supplement for a Veteran or Senior Horse
What a feed supplement for an older horse should contain.

Copper Deficiency in Horses and Ponies

Equine Electrolyte Supplements - avoid dehydration in horses

Equine Feed Balancers
Advice about feeding Horse Feed Balancers - Which horses need a balancer to supplement their food, how to introduce to the diet, what they contain, when to feed

Equine Joint Feed supplements for Horses - treat lameness

Explaining Essential Nutrients for a Horse or Pony

Feeding Hay to Horses - nutrition in alfalfa, clover, rye

Feeding Horses and Ponies - The basics of  Horse Nutrition and supplements

Guide to Choosing supplements What to consider when buying a horse feed supplement.

Haylage - The Benefits of feeding Haylage to horses and ponies

Hay Steamers, The benefits of Steaming Hay for a Horse
Advice about Steaming Hay for a Horse - Why and when to use a Hay Steamer, how to use, The benefits to your horse or pony's health of using a hay steamer

How to feed Linseed to Horses | Make Linseed Jelly
Benefits of feeding linseed horses and how to make and cook linseed jelly. Flax seed or linseed is highly nutritious and rich in proteins, and oils and can produce a glossy shine to an equine coat.

How many Horses to graze per acre of pasture land?

Magnesium - A calming supplement for excitable horses

Horse Feed Mixes - advice about equine mixes

Myth: A Bran Mash has a Laxative Effect on Horses

Omega 3 Oils for Horses - A guide to EFAs

Overweight Horse - How to Help a Horse Lose Weight
Advice on feeding and nutrition for an obese horse or pony.

Probiotics for Horses
Why and when to add probiotics to a horse or pony's feed to encourage normal digestive function and stimulate the beneficial fibre in a horse's feed.

Salt Blocks for horses - Why Your Horse Needs Salt in its Feed
Why and when to add salt to a horse or pony's feed. Salt is an essential mineral for a horse, lack of salt can cause loss of performance.

Seaweed and Kelp feed and mineral supplements for Horses

Selenium Supplements - Benefits of Feeding to Horses

Storing Horse Feed - Keep Feed From Going Stale or Mouldy
Advice about storing horse feed - How to store oats, barley, hard feed, mixes for horses and ponies to prevent feed going mouldy or stale.

Turmeric Supplements for Horses. Benefits of feeding turmeric supplements as an anti-inflammatory.

Vegetables For Horses
Advice about Feeding a Horse or pony different types of vegetables and fruit.

What and How to Feed a Horse with Liver Disease

Why horses eat mud - advice on dangers and remedies
A horse or pony that eats mud can be deficient in minerals, salt or vitamins. Eating mud can be a symptom that something is lacking in a horses diet or that he is bored

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