An Ayurvedic Approach to Treating Arthritis in Horses

Ginger is a herb that can help arthritis Ayurveda is an ancient Indian Healthcare which dates back about 3,500 years. It makes use of hundreds of herbs. It is an 'alternative' treatment to traditional veterinary medicines.

Soreness or inflammation of the joints (known as arthritis) probably causes more problems in horses than any other disease.

Arthritis results from a failure of the horse's body to repair and rebuild joint tissue.

This is a process which is going on all the time in healthy horses.


horses grazing can select herbs for health The right ayurvedic herbs can help horse with arthritis by improving the natural ability of the horse's body to repair itself.

Inability to repair is often linked to imbalances in feeding. Such imbalances can not only cause Arthritis in horses but also weak tendons and other problems.

Wild grassland and woods have a greater variety of plants, herbs and soil types which horses can use to naturally supplement mineral and vitamin deficiencies and enhance healing.

Horses are reputed by some to intuitively know which plants and herbs they need to strengthen their healing systems.


Ayurvedic practitioners will determine a horse's mix of dosha's before deciding on the the appropriate treatment for that horse.


ginger can ease pain of arthritisGinger (Zingiber officinalis) Known in Ayurveda as the universal remedy for digestion and circulation.

Ginger is great for Vata disturbances. When taken in the correct amounts and for long enough it is one of the very best pain killers because it stops the inflammatory process and brings warmth and comfort. lt can be combined with liquorice to dampen down its'hot' Pitta properties.

Picrorhiza Kurroa Another joint builder and one of Ayurveda,s great purifying herbs for the liver. It is a tough little plant growing very high up in the Himalayan mountains. Works very much like glucosamine.

Tumeric Both the joint-building and anti- inflammatory properties of tumeric are well known and it is often used with ginger. For good effect, around 10 tablespoonfuls are needed each day for an average horse.

Frankinsence Perhaps as good as ginger for pain relief, this famous tree resin can have a remarkable cooling effect on the waY the body works. Only the best sources are really effective. lt is pacifying to Pitta and can also reduce Kapha.Howeve6 it is a little aggravating to Vata at high levels of feeding'

Cissus Quadrangularis This creePing cactus type plant can be used in combination with other essential herbs to bind minerals and transport them to the bones and cartilage to provide strength and rigidity.


It is important to take advice from experts before attempting to treat your own horse. Herbs can harm in excess and it is worth remembering hat Ayurvedic heRbs are often used in minute doses. Some vets do use Ayurvedic herbs.


Overuse of a herb can lead to sideeffects, so it is always wise to consult a qualified herbalist before using specific herbs or to use formulations created by specialist companies. lf you will be competing with your horse it is essential to check whether any . herbal formula that you choose contains ingredients that could cause your horse to fail a drugs test.

Information about the benefits of using Ayurvedic Remedies and Herbs for a horse or pony suffering with Arthritis. How ginger can help reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.