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feed mix for horses

Advice on feeding and nutrition for foals
Benefits of feeding Haylage
B Vitamins for a healthy Metabolism
Biotin - a supplement to promote healthy hoof growth
Chaste Berry, Vitex Agnus Castus a herb for Moody Mares
Copper Deficiency in Horses
Equine Joint Supplements for Horses
Equine Feed Balancers
Electrolyte Supplements for horses
Explaining Essential Nutrients for a Horse or Pony
Feeding hay to horses
Fruit and Vegetables for Horses and Ponies
Horse Feed - Advice about choosing the best mix
Linseed - How to make a linseed jelly
Magnesium as an equine calming supplement
Myth: A Bran Mash has Laxative Effect on Horses
Nutrition for the Horse
Omega 3 Oils / Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) for Horses
Seaweed supplements for horse , Selenium Supplements for horses,
Soaking Hay,
Steaming Hay - Health Benefits for a horse
Supplements for a horse or pony with Arthritis
What to feed a horse or pony diagnosed with liver disease
When to add probiotics to a Horse or Pony's feed
Why do horses lick and eat mud?
Why you sometimes need to provide extra salt in a Horse's Diet


Homeopathy for Horses

Homeopathy for Horses

Arnica as a Homeopathic remedy for Horses
Homeopathic Colic Remedies for Horses
Homeopathy for Horses
How to Treat Ringworm with homeopathic remedies
How to Treat Sweat Bumps in Horses Homeopathically
Rain Scald or 'Rain Rot' - Treat with Homeopathy
Ringbone - definition and treatment with homeopathy
Treating bruised soles with Arnica

Herbal Remedies

chamomileDevil's Claw - natural pain relief for horses
Benefits and Dangers of Feeding Garlic Supplements to horses
Calming an excitable horse or pony with herbal remedies
Herbal supplements for veteran horses and ponies
Clivers - reducing swelling in legs of Stabled Horses
Using Herbal Remedies to maintain Healthy Hooves

Hoof and foot care

Tips for keeping your horse's feet in good condition
Causes, treatment and prevention of thrush
Common ailments of the horse's foot
Treating Cracks and splits in weak hooves
White Line Disease in Horses

Teeth and Dental Care

Equine Dentistry - the benefits of Dental care
How to tell a horse's age by looking at his teeth

Prevention of Disease

Controlling Ragwort to prevent Poisoning in Horses
Glucosamine - a supplement to maintain joint flexibility

Veterinary care

Angleberry - a small benign warty tumour
Azoturia - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
Bog Spavins
Caring for a Veteran Horse or Pony
Causes and treatment of loose stools 
Cause and treatment of nosebleeds in horses
Cleaning a Horse's Sheath
Cracked Heels in Horses - treatment and prevention
Controlling redworms in horses
Definition and treatment of Bone Spavins
Definition and treatment of Cushings Disease
Designing an effective equine worming program
Equine Magnetic Therapy
Eye problems in horses
Horse worming myths
How to control Bots and remove eggs
Kissing spines
Laminitis in Horses
Melanoma - skin tumours in horses
Monitoring a horse's heartrate
Mud Fever
Respiratory Problems in Horses
Sarcoids - benign growths
Sidebone - causes and treatment
Sticky Stifle or Upward Patella Fixation
Symptoms and Treatment of Choke in Horses
Treating bruised soles with Arnica
Treating Sweet Itch in Horses
Types of Colic in horses
Windgall - swelling above the fetlock joint

Stable Management

Aubiose - Hemp bedding for horses
Choosing the right bedding for your horse
How to cope with crib-biting and windsucking
Choosing a companion for your horse

wood shavings are a popular bedding for horses


Benefits of Equine Hydrotherapy and Spa treatments
Equine Body Work - more than just massage

Equine Magnetic Therapy

Massage for Horses
Using Equine Iridology for assessing Horse Health


Dealing with a napping horse or pony
Shying - why your horse shies - how to cope
What is a Cold Backed Horse?
Why does a horse or pony headshake?
Care of a racehorse 



Royalty and the early history of light horse breeding in Europe
Care of a mare in foal
Breeding a foal from an older mare


Australian Cheeker NosebandJointed pelham bit with curb chain
Computerised Saddle Fitting
How to correctly fit a bit
English hackamore bridles
Pelham bits
Buying second hand saddles
Sweet Iron Bits
Grakle Noseband Bridles


Horse selling scams
What to check when buying a horse trailer

Fun and Trivia

Horse Racing Jokes
Dressage Humour
Famous Victorian Horse Jumping Feats

Horse Insurance

Insuring your horse - advice on choosing equine insurance

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