Find a Farrier in SUFFOLK for Hot or Cold Shoeing, Trimming

farrier suffolkTo help you find a farrier in Suffolkfor hot or cold shoeing your horse or hoof trimming we have compiled a list of Farriers based in and working around Suffolk.

Choosing the best farrier to trim, shoe and provide hoof care for your pony or horse or can be one of the most important decisions you will have make for the well being and soundness of your horse.

A good relationship between horse owner, farrier and equine vet is essential to maintain the health of the horse's hoof

Dermot Barry [DipWCF] - Newmarket

Phoenix House, Bury Road, Kentford, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7PY
Phone: 01638 751718 or 07920 728178 email:

Martin Beadle [DipWCF BII ] - Haverhill

6 Fastnet Close, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 0LL
Phone: 01440 707885 or 07966 515158 email:

Andrew Berry [DipWCF] - Bury St Edmunds

2 Sheepwash Cottage, Barrow Road, Great Saxham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP29 5JS Phone: 01284 811510 or 07767 416113 email:

Kenneth Blair [RSS] - Bury St Edmunds

43 Acorn Way, Red Lodge, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 8FY
Phone: 01638 81502 or 07776 468306

Clive Bond - Fornham St Martin

2 St Andrews Drive, Fornham St Martin, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6TR
Phone: 01284 599018

Barnaby Bowens [DipWCF] - Clare

Bridge House, Cavendish Road, Clare, Suffolk CO10 8PH
Phone: 07711 205924email:

Harry Buckle - Newmarket

74 St John's Avenue, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8DE

James Coburn [DipWCF] - Bury St Edmunds

14 Church Lane Close, Barton Mills, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6AX
Phone: 07753 175553 email:

Michael Cullinane [DipWCF] - Newmarket

11 Lester Piggott Way, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 0BJ Phone: 07912 201042

Jonathan Currell [DipWCF] - Newmarket

15 Four Mile Stable Farm, Cambridge Road, Six Mile Bottom, Newmarket CB8 0TN
Phone: 07966 477984email:

Adam Curtis [DipWCF] - Kirtling

207 The Street, Kirtling, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9PD
Phone: 01638 730041or 07769 213638 email:

Nicholas Curtis [DipWCF] - Kirtling

The Elms, 207 The Street, Kirtling, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9PD
Phone: 01638 730041 or 0779 9406236

Simon Curtis [BSc (Hons) FWCF] - Newmarket

The Forge, Moulton Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8DU
Phone numbers: 01638 665761 or 07818 001091 email:

Sion Davies [DipWCF] - Worlington

Chase House, Mildenhall Road, Worlington, Suffolk IP28 8RX
Phone: 07787744013 email:

Stephen Davies Farrier

Covers a range of equines; from children's ponies to professional sports horses working at Grand Prix Dressage standard. With a particular interest in remedial shoeing Stephen has experience in treating: Conformation and Limb Alignment Lameness Laminitis Navicular (Posterior Third Lameness) Hoof Rebuilds
e-mail: Mobile. 07810 822 300 Office: 01379 898 539

Jessen Dennison [DipWCF] - Newmarket

Aureole Walk, Studlands, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7BD
Contact Numbers: 01638 666535 or 07900 934042 email:

Geoffrey Dixon [RSS] - Freckenham

The Olde Bell House, The Street, Freckenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 8HZ Phone: 01638 720635

Karl Dixon [DipWCF] - Freckenham

The Olde Bell House, The Street, Freckenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 8HZ Contact Phone Numbers: 01638 720635 or 07712 828480

Steven Ebbens [DipWCF] - Chedburgh

10 Lancaster Close, Chedburgh, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP29 4UW
Phone: 07925 137958 email:

Richard Fishenden [DipWCF] - Ipswich

1 High View, Derrick Hill, Willisham, Ipswich, Suffolk IP8 4SG Phone: 0778-7542860

Nicky Flewitt [DipWCF] - Stowmarket

4 Partridge Close, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 5GX
Phone: 07793 607994 email:

Adam Forbes [DipWCF] - Sudbury

Fieldview, Bakers Road, Belchamp St Paul, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 7DG
Phone: 07855 757313 email:

Gillon Forsyth [DipWCF] - Exning

41 Burwell Road, Exning, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7EX
Contact: 01638 615007 or 07930 347219 email:

Aaron Gent [DipWCF] - Haverhill

28 Sperling Drive, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 9SH
Phone: 01440 714457 or 07966 514379 email:

James Gregory [DipWCF] -Milden

3 New Cottages, Powney Street, Milden, Suffolk IP7 7AJ Phone: 07855 820339

Brian Hardman [RSS] - Great Livermere

10 Bury Road, Great Livermere, Bury St Edmunds IP31 1JF Phone: 01359 268775

Martin Hardman - Newmarket

Flat 1, Trillium Place Stables, Birdcage Walk, Newmarket CB8 0NE
Phone: 07596 113972

Charles Harman and Ross Harman [DipWCF] - Newmarket

175 Manderston Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 0QG Phone: 01638 662610

Andrew Harris [DipWCF] - Newmarket

4 St Marys Cottage, Church Lane, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 0HP Phone: 07863 192423

Richard Healey [DipWCF] - Mildenhall

Stonesthrow, Bargate Lane, West Row, Mildenhall IP28 8PS Phone: 07900 686495

Ashley Holmes [DipWCF] - Sudbury

14 Bull Lane, Long Melford, Sudbury CO10 9EA
Phone: 07852 302158 email:

Frazer Hood [DipWCF] - Newmarket

Apartment 6, 2 St Fabians Close, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 0FE
Phone: 01449 737616 Phone: 07717 672605 email:

David Howe [DipWCF] - Wickhambrook

Poets House, Thorns Corner, Wickhambrook, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8XW
Phone: 01440 820447 or 07931 510317 email:

Miss Laura Jones [DipWCF] - Sudbury

36 Oxford Close, Great Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 0HN
Phone: 07888 658205 email:

Gavin Keegan [DipWCF] - Bury St Edmunds

76 Lamble Close, Beck Row, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 8DB
Phone: 07788 248522email:

Robert Keyes [DipWCF] - Chevington

Redbrick Cottage, New Road, Chevington, Suffolk IP29 5QL
Phone: 01284 850574 or 07584 644269 email:

Stephen Kielt [DipWCF] - Freckenham

Mill House, Chippenham Road, Freckenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 8JA
Phone: 07812 138449

Steven Lewis [DipWCF] - Newmarket

22 Cheveley Road, Newmarket CB8 8AD Phone: 01638 605273 or 07740 439142

Miss Rebecca Lowe [DipWCF] - Exning

Abbotts Lodge, The Drift, Exning, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7EZ
Phone: 07917 034496 email:

Gavin Moody Farriers [DipWCF] - Redlodge

9 Harebell Road, Kings Warren, Redlodge, Suffolk IP28 8TY
Phone: 01638 554345 or 07974 191740 email:

William Mulqueen [DipWCF] - West Row

Eldo House, 106 Eldo Road, West Row, Suffolk IP28 8PY
Phone: 01638 712767 or 07756 015151 email:

Iain Nixon [DipWCF] - Gazeley

The Street, Gazeley, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8RD Phone: 07875 232221email:

Mark Nixon [DipWCF] - Brandon

22 Sedge Fen, Lakenheath, Brandon, Suffolk IP27 9LE Phone: 07811 449157

Lisa O'Shaughnessy [DipWCF] - Exning

Cairns, North End Road, Exning, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7PD Phone: 07970 450566

Benjamin Perks [DipWCF] - Eye

4 Grange Road, Wickham Skeith, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8NE Phone: 01449 766982

Ian Pope [AWCF] - Moulton

1 Park Close, Moulton, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8SL Phone: 07539 592714

James Povey [DipWCF] - Hadleigh

Frairs Cottage, Coram Street, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk IP7 5NP Phone: 07758 387513

Derek Poupard [CJF DipWCF] - Newmarket

Godolphin Office, Snailwell Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7YE
Phone: 01638 569956 or 07789 698198 email:

Joseph Rose [AWCF] - Higham

Granary Barn, Lower Green, Higham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6NJ
Contact Numbers : 01638 751493 or 07810 707379

Mark Rose [AWCF] - Kennett

Cromwell Cottage, Warren Road, Kennett, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7QP
Phone: 01638 552160 or 077744 33157 email:

Robert Rush [AWCF] - Clare

Bridewell Forge House, Bridewell Street, Clare, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 8QD
Phone: 01787 278247 / 07976404835 email:

Timothy Rushton [AWCF] - Haverhill

Silver Street Farm House, Silver Street, Withersfield, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 7SN
Phone: 07966 183633

Steven Rust [AWCF] - Sudbury

Cornerways, School Farm Lane, Acton, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 0BN

Robert Shave [AWCF] - Stowmarket

Greenacre, Cow Green, Bacton, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 4HJ
Contact: 01449 781638 or 07887 707954 email:

David Spreadbridge [DipWCF] - Ipswich

May Cottage, Stoke Road, Lower Layham, Ipswich, Suffolk IP7 5RB
Phone: 07852 354764 email:

Scott Taylor [DipWCF] - Stowmarket

19 Cavendish Road, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1LQ Phone: 07875 747715

Frederick Turner [DipWCF] - Freckenham

2 Turnpike Road, Red Lodge, Freckenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 8JZ
Phone: 01638 750163

John Wray [DipWCF] - Moulton

5 Riverside Walk, Moulton, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8WE Phone: 07794 421843

Find a Farrier in Suffolk - Directory of Suffolk Farriers in and around all areas of Suffolk who shoe and trim horses. Remedial and corrective Hot and Cold shoeing and barefoot trimming in Suffolk. Farriers who put in Road nails, stud holes farrier that makes eggbar shoes.